Our Story – Seven Little Words

We all need some sort of comfort.
We need reminders.
Whether it is through the form of products such as t-shirts, mugs or frames.
We all need love and support, no matter what form it is being presented in.

Thus, we decide to spread self-love by creating products that would inspire others to love themselves. To be more self-aware and help create a positive moment. Just like a ripple effect, the more good you give out to the world, the rest would do the same as well.

Our Mission

To inspire and motivate people to conquer the world by being yourself. To take ownership of how we feel every day. To love themselves and encourage others to do the same.

Our Vision

Create a positive movement that causes a positive impact in every individual’s life.

Why 'Seven Little Words'?

Because words are impactful. Words are timeless. It can make you feel all sorts of feelings and emotions.

We leave it up to your imagination and interpretation of what the ‘Seven Little Words’ could be!

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