He Left The 99 For Me – Seven Little Words

He Left The 99 For Me

RM 30.00

In Matthew 18:12, the bible says that when it comes to a flock of sheep consisting of 99, He knows the flock is not complete without the one lost sheep. A good shepherd always goes after the lost sheep, and that one is you. God will never leave you behind! Hence, 'He Left The 99 For Me'. 

Made with 100% cotton, know that God will never let you wander off alone. Instead, he will leave the remaining 99 sheep for you and does His best to bring you back where you belong, which is with Him. 

*Models wear Size S (female) and Size XL (male).

Size Measurements (Unisex)

S: 67cm (L) x 47cm (W)

M: 70cm (L) x 50cm (W)

L: 73cm (L) x 53cm (W)

XL: 75cm (L) x 56cm (W)

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